How To Choose A Tailor?

Why should you find a tailor? The basic reason is that a tailor can take anything in your closet that doesn't fit right and make it look good on you. Are the sleeves too long? Does it blouse around the waistband? Are you one of those fellas without much of a backside, making your trousers droop a little in the back? All of these ill-fitting problems can easily be handled by having them tailored to fit your body.

Yes, hiring a tailor is going to cost money, sometimes even more than the garment was worth originally. However, if it fits, it's going to look like a million bucks.

There will be the garment or two that your tailor will refuse to even attempt to tailor. If you've gained a little too much around the middle, there simply isn't enough fabric in the jacket to extend it that much. If you got a really great jacket but it's two inches too short for your body, find a shorter guy to pass on this piece of good fortune, because this can't be altered either.

In order to have the best experience in tailoring, you need to find someone who is skilled with a needle and understands alterations. Get referrals and recommendations from satisfied customers. Once you've found this person, have a face to face interview and bring some of the garments you want altered. They will tell you right away whether the results you're looking for are possible. Sometimes alterations that you desire will affect the garment in an unflattering way, and your tailor will talk you out of the alteration, or suggest something else.

Once you find a tailor you like working with, work on building that relationship because it is truly valuable.


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