Do You Need More Room In That Fancy Dress?

It's a fact of life, whether you have a perfect fit for your wedding dress, prom dress, or ball gown for the benefit fete, many women are stress eaters, and as a special event approaches, they find themselves just a little more "loveable" than when they purchased the dress. It used to be that zippers were the norm for such gowns. An additional five pounds would be a disaster.

An ingenious alternative is now available.

Replacing a zipper with Loop and Lacing closure. This is one of the best things that has ever been created. With a zipper, you are stuck with a specific size. With the loop and lacing closing, even if you've gained five pounds or so, the dress can still be fastened in a beautifully flattering way and put your mind at ease. (It can probably accommodate a bit more than 5 pounds, but don't get carried away.)

The beauty of the loop and lacing technique is that you can adjust each portion of the bodice to fit your body exactly, just as you can with a loop and lacing corset. You may even remember seeing a number of over-dresses from the 17th and 18th centuries that were laced up the front. This was done to accommodate the greatest number of sizes (for the purposes of hand-me-downs) as possible without recreating the entire dress.

If you are having a dress made, consider having a loop and lacing fastening up the back rather than the traditional zipper. In order for this to work, you will need enough extra fabric to form a backing that is fastened to one side of the back opening. This needs to be wide enough to span the entire distance between the back openings. The lacing

is then done on top of this piece of fabric.

If you have a dress that just doesn't fit properly and this might be an option, ask your seamstress if there is enough fabric from shortening the dress to create a loop and lace fastening for the dress. Most of the time when a dress has to be let out in the bodice it also has to be hemmed. If you're lucky, there will be enough fabric to create the loop and lace fastening to save the day.


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