The Cleaning and Care of Sweaters

You just couldn't resist that beautiful sweater, and the label assured you that you could machine wash it. They were right, you could wash it. What they didn't tell you is that washing it that way would result in a pilled appearance. Fortunately there are small devices, electric shavers that can take off the pills from your sweater and help to restore its original appearance. (Or you could just bring it into us and we'll take care of all of this. But please read on if you want to do this yourself.)

What is better is to take care of your sweater the way it needs in order to retain its color, shape, and integrity. As with all garments, inspect the garment care tag. If it recommends dry cleaning, then please do this. Garment manufacturers know their fibers, and following their recommendations will retain the original state of the sweater.

If your sweater is machine washable, then wash them carefully, using the gentlest cycle and coolest water temperature. To avoid pilling, turn the garment inside out. Sweaters are especially prone to stretching when they are wet and improper handling while wet will ruin the shape of your sweater. To avoid pilling, you should hand wash.

Any sweater made from wool, whether sheep, goat, or alpaca should always be hand washed in cool water to avoid the risk of shrinking. Use a liquid soap specially made for wool or sweaters. Fill the sink with cool water and mix the soap into the water before you put the sweater into the water.

Push the sweater gently under water with your fingertips. Soak for 20 minutes. Drain and rinse once or twice. Once rinsed, gently squeeze the water out of the sweater, roll in a large dry towel to remove most of the water from the sweater.

Once you have removed the water, you'll need to "block" the sweater. This means you will want to shape the sweater back to its original size and shape on a flat surface and leave it there until it is completely dry. Because of a sweater's tendency to stretch, you should never, ever hang sweaters in the closet. They need to be stored folded in a drawer or on a shelf. Keep out of the sun while storing to avoid fading of color.

Or you could avoid all this work and just bring your sweaters into us for dry cleaning. We will make sure everything is done perfectly.


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