Dry Cleaning Carpets In Your Home

Clean and Care

Why would you want to consider in-home dry cleaning of your carpets? The real answer is that dry cleaning services can often save antique rugs or other delicate floor coverings. There are fabrics that were just never intended to get wet. Getting wet makes the fibers more fragile and prone to damage. In years past, many people would simply take their rugs outside and beat the dust and dirt out of them. You and I both know that this is not going to get them very clean, and it will NOT take out any of the odors or pet residue.

Some owners try to vacuum the dirt out and spot treat the most obvious spots, but this is still not a complete fix. The whole rug is dirty. It is filled with dust, mites, pet hair and possible soiling. All floor coverings are vulnerable to cooking odors and oil that, over time, will permanently damage the condition of your valuable floor coverings.

Dry cleaning a rug requires that a skilled technician to bring a combination of chemicals that will be applied to the rug. These chemicals are designed to dissolve dirt, lift it away from the fibers of the rug and to also remove odors from the fabric. If there are any stains present, they will also have special dry cleaning chemicals that work directly on the stains. Once the dry cleaning chemicals have done their job, your area rug will be completely cleaned and deodorized without ever getting the fabric wet.

How do you know which company to use? Ask us to recommend someone that will do a great job. You'll feel much better knowing that your delicate or valuable rugs and carpets are being taken care of by skilled and trained professionals.  

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