Dry Cleaning Upholstery In Your Home

Upholstered furniture is beautiful, often very comfortable, and are likely the hardest used items in your house. We sit on them, sometimes for hours a day.

Everything we bring into the house on our clothing ends up on the furniture. Our pets often enjoy their very long afternoon naps on the furniture you use in the evening to watch television. Cooking odors and oils permeate the air and ultimately settle on the fabric of your furniture.

Over time, this leads to dingy and dirty furniture. Unless all your furniture is covered with throw covers, it is impossible to remove the fabric and take it to the dry cleaner. Some of you have done some spot treatment of your furniture, but over time you see that where you have spot treated your upholstery is showing either as a darker or lighter area than the rest of the fabric. This is because the solution you used for spot treatment (even water) affected the integrity of the fabric. Some fabrics are simply not supposed to be exposed to water.

Most good upholstery material is designed to be dry cleaned. This is where you hire a dry cleaning service to come into your home and make your furniture like new. Using an upholstery dry cleaning service can actually save furniture that you might have though needed to be discarded.

It is not easy to clean upholstery yourself. You have to make sure that you only clean the fabric and not damage any of the underneath hardware. You have to be an expert on the type of fabric that is used to cover your furniture and you have to know how to protect any adornments that your furniture may have.

Too many people have done a "self-cleaning" job and ended up totally ruining their upholstery.

Hire a good and reputable upholstery dry-cleaning company. You will save yourself a great deal of money and headache in the long-run.


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