Services Overview


Professional Dry Cleaning

What exactly is Dry Cleaning? What happens behind the scenes? Check out this video.

Same Day Service

In by 11 a.m., ready today -- Monday through Friday

Shirt Laundry

Hygienic's dry cleaning and shirt laundry provides top-notch care for dress shirts and other garments. Each item is inspected for existing stains, damage, and forgotten personal items. Stains are pre-treated, or post-treated depending on the type of stain and the fabric, damage is noted and personal items are set aside for return to the owner. We process to your preference, either on hangers or folded, with or without starch.

Expert Alterations/Reweaving

Our professional tailors handle alterations and repairs, whenever you need them. We enjoy a long-held reputation for expert textile repairs, quality alterations and precise reweaving. Also, restyling is offered for fur coats and jackets needing a new profile or general updating. Click here for a Tailoring Worksheet

Route Service

Given the hectic pace of most people, Hygienic Golden Touch Cleaners route services provide maximum convenience and minimum fuss. We offer free pickup and delivery using a highly visible truck fleet in many neighborhoods in the Topeka and Lawrence areas. Most routes are serviced twice a week with receipted pickup and delivery by bonded and insured Hygienic employees. Please view our video to see how convenient this service is, then contact us today to schedule your pick-up and delivery. You can spend your time enjoying life's simple pleasures, instead of dropping off your dry cleaning.

Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

Delicate as love, and requiring the same attention! Hygienic's bridal gown cleaning and preservation provides extraordinary care for keepsake and heirloom gowns. Formal wear, such as worn by the mother-of-the-bride, or for high-end events, is afforded careful attention and handling. Careful inspection of these garments frequently reveals damage caused by food, beverages, or other factors warranting repairs. Food and beverage stains, especially wine, are carefully removed and repairs can be made with your permission. Wedding gown preservation employs a process that results in a light and air resistant storage box that protects the gown for years.

Water & Fire Restoration

Fire inflicts damages far beyond the loss of possessions. In its aftermath, smoke and water remain to further undermine a devastated household. Hygienic works with nearly every insurance company to settle smoke and water claims. Specialized OSHA-approved equipment removes smoke odor and residue from dry cleaned or laundered clothing and other household textiles such as tablecloths, blankets, ski wear, feather or down-filled items and throw rugs. This Hygienic service has helped many restore familiar family items.

Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning

You may vacuum your throw rugs regularly, but even the finest rugs and runners will suffer a loss of some color and a dulled appearance eventually. Professional care and cleaning by Hygienic can lift deep dirt and enhance their appearance. Other interior decor items requiring care are your draperies. Constant exposure to sunlight, plus household pollutants such as fireplace or cigarette smoke and airborne cooking oils will diminish the beauty of your window coverings. With Hygienic's professional cleaning, you'll see a renewed beauty at your windows!

Household Items

For luxury bedding care, customers from across North America choose Hygienic's fine French Laundry for hand processing and finishing. We can restore your down and feather pillows and comforters to their original loft and fluffiness, in addition to the exceptional care of your duvets, matelasses and other high-end bed linens.

Leather, Suede, Fur and more

We provide expert care for these items that should be handled by experienced cleaners only. We also offer seasonal storage in our climate controlled vault for these special items.
Suede & Leather Care -- We are the area's most recommended suede and leather cleaners. We have extensive contacts throughout the leather and fur industry. This network allows our care professionals to have many resources available for repairs or replacement. Our reputation for quality has attracted customers who have learned with Hygienic, "It's Ready, it's Right, or it's Free!"
Fur Care -- Every natural fur jacket or coat requires careful attention to prevent hair loss, cracking, drying or loss of sheen. We use gentle methods for deep cleaning furs and then re-glazing the fur finish. Natural emollients are used to soften and protect underlying leather in natural fur coats and jackets. Click here for tips on keeping your fur garments looking their best.

Shoe Repair Services

We handle a full range of shoe shining and repair services to keep you looking your best from head to toe.